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Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions require precision and careful attention to detail.  Our attorneys are committed to providing our clients with a detail oriented yet hassle free closing.  Our firm handles a large number of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.  We have a strong relationship with our local banks, credit unions, and other lenders, and have conducted real estate closings with many nationwide lenders. While we are based in Adel, Georgia, we are delighted to handle transactions in real property in surrounding counties such as Lowndes, Tift, Colquitt, Berrien, Lanier, and beyond.

Our attorneys are agents of Georgia Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund and First American Title Insurance and are able to provide title insurance policies when requested by our clients or required by your lender.

Please contact us with any questions related to selecting a closing attorney, or buying, selling, or refinancing property. We would appreciate the opportunity to handle your home or commercial closing.




Auto Accidents/Personal Injury

If you have been injured by the negligence of others, whether on the road or otherwise, do not attempt to deal with the system or the insurance companies yourself.  You need experienced representation to make sure you are are not shortchanged.  Our office is ready and able to make sure you receive the compensation your case deserves, not what someone wants to give you to make it all just go away. Give us a call for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.



Criminal Defense

We take very seriously the rights afforded by the Federal and State Constitution to clients accused of a crime. Our attorneys have many years of experience in defense at all levels of Georgia Courts, through jury trial, and beyond. We have successfully defended the most serious of cases. We know this process well and have a simple, fixed fee retainer process for criminal cases.

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the facts of your individual case, which is the key to a successful defense. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with an accusation of wrongdoing, we are ready and able to help.

Traffic Offenses

The effects of even relatively minor traffic offenses on a driver's license get more complicated and severe every year. It is always a good idea to consider retaining legal counsel for even the most minor traffic offenses. What appears to be just the payment of a relatively small fine, without the assistance of a Georgia Traffic Attorney, can turn into a very expensive ordeal involving a rise or even cancellation of insurance rates, license suspension, and more. A careful attorney can explain to you the penalties and consequences for any traffic offense and help you consider alternatives.

Our attorneys have handled numerous traffic offense cases in Traffic Courts throughout south Georgia. Give us a call to find out more about how we can help you if you receive a citation for a Georgia traffic offense.



Wills, Probate, and Estate Matters

End of life planning is a very difficult topic for all involved to discuss.  Since these issues are inevitable, however, everyone needs an attorney experienced in the preparation of estate planning documents such as wills and trusts.  This planning is important to ensure that your wishes are carried out regarding your hard earned property.

We also help our clients prepare for issues that may arrive before death, such as powers of attorney or living wills, which are documents that help make sure that your wishes are carried out even when you are unable to communicate what those wishes are.

After the loss of a loved one, Georgia law generally requires a Probate of that individual's estate to carry out that person's wishes and to also handle all of their ongoing business. Our attorneys and staff are well trained and experienced in Estate/Probate matters and can help you through this difficult time.



Uncontested Divorce

Our firm is available to handle dissolution of marriage when the parties have agreed to essentially all terms and conditions of their separation, but still want the peace of mind of knowing that the divorce paperwork was drafted by an attorney who will do it right and who knows all of the issues which need to be incorporated into a divorce settlement to prevent future issues.



Areas served by Bennett and Connell, LLC:

Georgia Counties:

Cook, Berrien, Tift, Lowndes, Lanier, Clinch, Atkinson, Colquitt, Brooks, Echols, Thomas, Turner, Worth, and Irwin.


Georgia Municipal Courts:

Call for an attorney to help you with traffic and speeding tickets in Adel, Sparks, Lenox, and Hahira, Georgia Municipal Court citations.